Infused Oils 101: What, How and Why?

Infused Oils 101: What, How and Why?

Chances are, you have come across some form of an infused oil in recent time. Infused oils can be found in a lot of places for a variety of reasons. You can find them at specialty grocery stores complete with herbs, peppers and onions glistening in the bottle. You may also find them in large mason jars at a farmer’s market with plant names across the front. And even more recently, you might find them in the beauty section of boutique stores.  It is very easy to get confused how these seemingly very different products are in fact, all infused oils.  

What makes infused oils so special is the herbs you put in them. Over time the therapeutic constituents within the plant combine, or infuse, with the carrier oil and make a wonderful concoction.  These can be created by infusing a single type of herb into an oil, or by crafting specific blends with an intended purpose. Carrier oils will vary depending on the use of the infusion, and you will commonly see jojoba, sweet almond, and olive oils.  

 *FYI the infused oils in the grocery store are for cooking only, not applying to your skin. These infusions are about flavor and not topical benefits. They will use specified ingredients and oils for food safety* 

Hazel & Rosemary has a line of specialized infused oils. Herbs, flower and citrus oils are infused into organic jojoba oil. Why jojoba? This oil is the closest to the skin's natural pH level. So that means it has less chances of over-moisturizing and leaving you feeling greasy.  

Our blends are crafted with a specific purpose in mind, such as calming or head ache relief. The oils come in a glass bottle so no worries about BPA, with a stainless-steel roller ball. That means smooth easy application that is mess-free.  

Infused oils are in our opinion awesome. They are a great way to get the benefits from the oils to your body any time you need it. In our busy and fast paced worlds, holistic remedies are often overlooked because they seem unavailable or time-consuming, with Hazel & Rosemary it doesn't have to be. 

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