Holistic Living: Beyond The Buzz

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Holistic Living: Beyond The Buzz

There really is so much confusion over “holistic” living. The term gets thrown around loosely and quite often incorrectly. So, let's take a second to explore what holism is. 

 We live in a time where we are pushing ourselves more and more, constantly pouring from our cup without taking the time to refill it. We are told to hustle 24/7, no breaks or you fall behind. This is an easy thing to fall for because as a whole, people are driven to grow and succeed. We all want to see our dreams realized and feel like we are living with a purpose.  

It gets even more confusing when we decide to put the hustle on hold for a short time and dig into some selfcare. This is because there is a mainstream market for selfcare that really just doesn’t cut it. You aren't really giving yourself a break just because you slapped a facemask on for 15 mins. But I get it, I’ve been there too. I have lived a lifestyle where I was overstressed, overworked, and dare I say overstimulated by the digital world. It felt like living on borrowed time, and the only thing I could squeeze in was that quick facemask, but hey #selfcare right?  

That is what triggered my journey into holistic living. So, beyond the buzzword hype what is it really? At the root, it is focused on you being your best self. That means living a life that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.  It means you get to explore what makes you grow as a person, what makes you happy.  For many that means incorporating natural remedies into their life, and connecting with holistic practitioners and spiritual guides.   

This is because holistic practitioners treat their clients as a whole. We are used to conventional medicine treating symptoms, divided out by bodily systems. If you have a sinus issue, you go to an ENT specialist and so on.  If you are looking for natural alternative treatment you would go see the holistic practitioner who would discuss options with you for the sinus issue and explore your life as a whole to see if there are triggers that could be lowering your immune system and discuss options for that too.  

Holistic living is a lifestyle change, but it really is an easy one to make. By choosing a holistic lifestyle you become more grounded and in connection with your natural environment around you. For me, it opened the door for mental wellbeing because I was able to realize how important it is for me to achieve peace even if it for only a few minutes every day.  

It also opened my eyes to how eco-friendly natural holistic remedies are. When you work with nature your respect for it grows every day. Personally, this was such a great thing for me. It doubles as a way for me to ground myself and to know I am making small changes in the world by making eco-friendly choices.  

I hope this has inspired you to explore holistic living for yourself. You deserve to been seen, and treated as a person. You deserve to live a balanced life and you deserve the chance to grow into your best self.  

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