Easy to Make DIY Sugar Scrub

Easy to Make DIY Sugar Scrub

There are many things winter is known for; cozy fires, a slew of holiday parties, snowball fights and of course dry skin. It is just a fact we can’t deny. Those brisk cooler days and long nights just don’t play nice with our usual skincare routine. So, we came up with an easy to whip together at home scrub with ingredients you probably already have.

You will need:

1 small jar

1 cup sugar*

1 cup olive oil

10-15 drops your favorite essential oil ( we like bright citrus oils)


In a small bowl add your olive oil (we suggest olive oil because it is great for overly dry skin, but you can replace with an oil of your choice like jojoba, coconut or grape seed) and add your essential oil drops. This will ensure even distribution of the E.O. in your carrier oil.

Once you have mixed your carrier oil and your E.O. now add your 1 cup of sugar.

 You can use brown sugar for sensitive skin, or white cane sugar for a stronger exfoliant

Mix your oils and sugar together and add to a clean and sterile jar. That’s it, you are all done, and you have a natural and nourishing sugar scrub!

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