DIY Cayenne Pepper Foot-bath

DIY Cayenne Pepper Foot-bath

At one point or another we have all had tired, aching feet.  This can be from spending long hours working on our feet, exercising or even the cute pair of strappy shoes we just had to buy.  With this super easy 2 ingredient foot-bath you won't have to skip on your favorite activities (or shoes) anymore.  

What makes this super exciting is most likely you won't have to go buy any ingredients. Let's be honest, the last thing you want to do with sore feet is run to the store for supplies.  Luckily this is a common household spice and water.  

If spicy feet don’t sound enjoyable to you, just bear with me for a minute and give it a chance. The spice we will be using is cayenne pepper.  (I know, seriously just hear me out) Cayenne pepper as we all know is a hot spice, and when used topically it encourages blood flow to the tissue and muscles in the area. And this spice also works as a natural pain reliever, also due to the capsaicin found naturally in the pepper.  

 So, next time your feet are hurting, get a small tub, if you have a foot basin this is perfect, and add warm water.  The warm water is also great for relaxing tired muscles, so the water should be as warm as is comfortable for you to soak your feet in.  Mix in about ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper to the basin and soak your feet. I generally find anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes is good, but you should always use your own judgement.  

As foreign as it sounds to add a pepper to your foot-bath this really will do wonders for you.  Some have fallen in love with the warming and pain-relieving benefits from this bath that they have chosen to add small amounts of cayenne pepper to the inside of their socks overnight.  An added benefit of this practice is, if you are prone to cold feet at night and this disturbs your sleep, this will warm your feet from the inside out. Again, use your discretion on this, as you know your body best. I would not suggest this those with sensitives to capsaicin, open wounds or with sensitive skin.  

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